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Differences between transactional and relationship surveys

We live in a fast pace, highly competitive digital age where consumers have the freedom to choose products and services from anywhere, anytime. Therefore, it is pivotal for businesses to understand their customer base and recognize their changing needs. How can we find out what our customers like and dislike about us?  We need to ACTIVELY LISTEN to them!
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Measuring customer satisfaction made easy... really easy.

  The question now is, can you handle the truth? Measuring customer satisfaction can be a very daunting task whether you have 20 customers or 200,000.  It is easy to over complicate strategies to find out what your customers really think about you, spending hours strategising how to conduct the study, how many people to ask, and even what to ask. At the end of the day there is only one rule that you should follow when exploring measuring customer satisfaction, start simple and just ask!
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