Web Surveys

Leverage our experience to maximize your web survey potential

SERVICE 800 brings the experience and advice to help you design the web survey that will produce the results you need. While most web surveys generate only a 2 or 3 percent response rate, SERVICE 800's methods consistently produce greater success. This is achieved through design, thoughtful planning, and strategically timed reminders.

SERVICE 800 knows that some customers prefer the personal touch of a phone call while others are more apt to reply to a web survey invite. When you need to reach specific strategic targets, SERVICE 800 provides the option to reach targets by adding phone calls where more responses are needed.

SERVICE 800's carefully designed database eSMART, holds the characteristics of your customers, products, and service so that feedback can be linked to the behaviors you desire. Combining results from web surveys with other data collected creates higher analytical value.

The SERVICE 800 Advantage

Any 'monkey' can create and send an email survey, right?

If your goal is to simply blast a high number of web survey invites to your contacts, guess at the right questions to ask and hope to receive responses then, yes. However, if your organization is looking for a partner to truly understand your program's objectives, formulate the correct question set and develop a plan to maximize your response rates in the targeted areas you need, then SERVICE 800 applications and resources will help you accomplish your goal.