Voice of the Customer

Customer experience is the new battle ground for winning or losing customer loyalty. Listening to the voice of your customers has never been so cubical for the growth of your business. 

Find out how SERVICE 800 helps you listen to customers and clients.

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Voice of Employee

Engaged workforce is a symptom of a successful company. Have you ever thought of comparing employee insight to customer feedback results? Now SERVICE 800 can create employee surveys that are parallel to your customer feedback surveys to give you a holistic view of your employees and customer experiences.

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SERVICE 800 industry benchmark programs provide a snapshot of how your service levels compare to the competition. Use this information to your advantage by setting realistic service goals, focused training for your support staff, and long term strategic planning.


Customer 2 Customer Insights

What do customers say between each other about you and your competitors?

These conversations and exchanges are happening online and globally through forums and professional topical sites everyday.  Gathering these insights is another way to better understand your customers, competitors and market trends.  

We collect, measure and analyze C2CI data for positive and negative sentiments, industry averages, company e- reputation, product e-reputation etc.


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