Going Beyond Collecting Data

Proven Insight Methodologies

SERVICE 800 has been crafting customer satisfaction and internal measurement programs for over 25 years. We specialize in helping the IT, medical technology, software development and OEM industries. By partnering with our clients to tailor a program that offers dependable and simplified service, SERVICE 800 helps you measure your customer's journey accurately.

In addition to giving you breakthrough customer insights, our services allow you to monitor the performance of your authorized service providers, channel partners, contractors and agents. These programs provide the ability to keep a close eye on internal functions to ensure they are performing up to standards.

SERVICE 800 results are leveraged by our clients across the company including:

  • Help desk agents
  • Field service technicians
  • Sales staff
  • Order fulfillment departments
  • Customer service representatives
  • Human Resources & Training
  • Other support teams


Phone Surveys

Phone Surveys designed specifically for your needs

SERVICE 800's tenured Customer Representatives are trained to conduct personable and professional dialogs that both impress customers and elicit valuable feedback. For consistency and reliability, all Customer Reps are directly supervised by SERVICE 800. No feedback programs are outsourced.

Live verbal communication provides:

  • Increased response rates
  • Higher quality feedback
  • Full audio recordings

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Web Surveys

Web Survey Flexibility & Speed

Making informed business decisions require proper insights be in the hands of the right people. Collecting insights to fuel this process may require using a variety of data collection methods. SERVICE 800 web survey programs can reach customers that may otherwise be harder to reach.

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Hybrid Program

The best of both worlds

SERVICE 800's Hybrid Programs mix Phone and Web methodologies to strategically reach out to customers. Hybrid Programs provide added flexibility to ensure that specific measurement goals are achieved.

For example, Hybrid Programs provide the ability to capture 100 responses per country or 15 responses per service technician. Providing consistency in your measurements allows you to take action confidently.

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Stop guessing at how you compare to the competition

SERVICE 800 industry benchmark programs provide a snapshot of how your service levels compare to the competition. Use this information to your advantage by setting realistic service goals, focused training for your support staff, and long term strategic planning.

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Hot Sheet Alerts

Alerts that drive quick reaction

SERVICE 800 makes it easy to close the loop. Hot Sheet Alerts are customized to bring immediate awareness to a dissatisfied customer, notify you of an open sales opportunity or even provide recognition to an employee that received positive scores from a customer.

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eSMART Analytics & Reporting

Analytics made easy

SERVICE 800 designed eSMART with our clients' busy schedules in mind. Your organization will see your program's most recent results and be drilling down to uncover trends. In eSMART, you have the ability to analyze results, listen to interviews, track open opportunities and more.

Survey Support

You are not alone

SERVICE 800 dedicates a Client Relationship Manager to your program to implement and provide on-going account management and communication. Our Relationship Managers are here to help you with anything you need.

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