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Services Benchmark Program - How do you compare?

A powerful member benefit that helps CompTIA members measure and benchmark service quality and customer satisfaction, the Services Benchmark program privately assesses your service delivery, identifies the path to cost savings, and increased customer satisfaction.

What does the Services Benchmark Program do for me?

  • Get an accurate measure of your service quality and customer satisfaction
  • See how you compare to your peers
  • Measure the services your dealers, your contractors, and your team deliver
  • Validate and enrich the measurements you currently have in place
  • Help you reduce the cost of service delivery

How does it work?

The Services Benchmark Program is based on feedback collected from the customers of CompTIA participating association members. From quick (3 minute) phone interviews with customers who have just had a service experience, feedback is collected to measure service quality, customer satisfaction, and level of importance of different service needs. The resulting combination of metrics and commentary provide results and trends that reveal the path to the most powerful use of resources and to cost management.

Why should I know this now?

The marketplace and customer expectations are changing rapidly. Accurate and sensitive service measurements and benchmarks are critical to help you know how delivery and service quality are performing, and especially to help you manage costs down.

If you have a measurement process in place, the Services Benchmark program can run alongside it to enrich and validate your metrics.

The Services Benchmark program will show you the path to meeting your objectives for revenue and cost control.

Will it be a lot of work to get started?

No. Most CRM systems have the utilities that allow easy and regular extracts of data from your system. S800 will work with you to define what data is needed and to set up a regular, secure data exchange. 

S800 does all the work associated with testing and fatiguing your data, random selections, and conducting interviews. The process ensures that the same customer isn't contacted too often.

Will anyone see my results?

Your customer details remain secure with S800.

Only you see and hear your customers' feedback. Only aggregate scores, trends and patterns are shared with the CompTIA participants. Those combined findings will help your Association set strategy and build resources to help you better understand and prepare for the future.

Is it expensive?

No. After the initial set-up, monthly fees are based only on what you use. The set-up will assure that the data can be securely exchanged with S800 and that reporting and drill down analysis match your needs. 

Included and as a special member benefit, benchmark comparisons are FREE for the participants of Services Benchmark. The monthly fees are based on just the number of calls required to obtain accurate measurements.

What does the Services Benchmark Program do for CompTIA?

  • Build collective intelligence on service delivery and trends in customer behaviors
  • Deliver the support and resources Members need

Interested in joining the ServiceMetric Benchmark?