SERVICE 800's eSMART Analytics tool puts your customer satisfaction survey data to work


Analytics & Results

SERVICE 800's eSMART reporting application has been carefully designed so that your managers, supervisors, technicians, agents and partners are able to see and hear respective customers' feedback.

Begin to analyze your results by drilling into the feedback and metrics with a simple point-and-click. eSMART serves as a collection point for both feedback and service characteristics data to enable statistical analysis that drive action and manage cost.

The best part about eSMART? No Seat Fees!! 


Designed specifically with the user in mind

eSmart reporting tool is designed to quickly analyze feedback to take action and to assist you with creating presentations materials for your meetings. Prefer to run your own analytics? All details are easily accessible through several export options and can be drilled into with just a few clicks.

Access for the right individuals to drive action 

eSMART's point-and-click interface gives your staff the ability to quickly analyze results. Leveraging these results helps you achieve your organizations' top objectives, satisfy your customers, and build product/service loyalty.

Open-ended comments are great...especially when you can hear them

SERVICE 800 provides the option and encourages you to listen to recorded conversations between Customer Representatives and customers. Accessing interviews at the right time can change how you respond to a dissatisfied customer or use compliments given to your employee.

Don't let open opportunities become lost opportunities

SERVICE 800 leverages a close loop system that offers options to track your programs unresolved Hot Sheet Alerts. Quickly view unresolved opportunities and review details of those that have been closed, including parties, action and time required.

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