Accurate Industry Benchmarks compares your Customer Satisfaction Survey data to the competition


Establish Realistic Goals & Objectives

Your metrics are key to establishing priorities and managing progress to goals. Seeing how you compare to your industry group or your peers helps you set objectives based on realistic expectations.

Accurate industry benchmarks provide the information needed while setting goals making the process more dependable. SERVICE 800 benchmarks allow you to focus on improving delivery and solving issues instead of efforts around collecting data internally

How are SERVICE 800's Benchmarks different ?

Peer-Based Comparison

SERVICE 800 industry benchmark programs measure the performance of your products or services against best-in-class industry peers.

Consistency across the benchmark provides unbiased measurements that assist in identifying how your organization's performance compares to your peers.

Unlike other benchmark programs, SERVICE 800 programs have been developed in cooperation with industry organizations that define benchmark standards, sampling requirements, scales and survey questions.

Apples to Apple Comparison

Our industry benchmark programs are unique because they leverage the same methodology and question scales for all participants. Benchmarks Identify where improvements are needed, where reductions may be made without impacting customer satisfaction, and what the biggest drivers of your customers' loyalty are. Each customer interview is based on an actual, recent service experience providing an apples-to-apples and accurate comparison.

Service 800’s Benchmarks:

  • Computer manufacturers
  • Service Providers
  • Medical Technology
  • Software Developers
  • Regions and geographies
  • Technical support & On-site



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