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The customer satisfaction feedback data dam is leaking!

Can you imagine walking in front of a dam that holds back a river, and seeing a tiny trickle of water running from a crack in the structure?  What would you do?  Maybe you'd tell someone.  Maybe you wouldn't since it's only a tiny trickle.  Most people would just keep on walking because it didn't seem that important.
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Is "survey" in "customer satisfaction survey" now a 4 letter word?

 It’s a common thing these days: businesses ask their customers or employees to participate in a survey, to which many respond with a groan.  The word "survey" has become associated with a nuisance, rather than the positive message of interest it was intended.
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Why have customer satisfaction survey "top box" definitions changed so much?

A few years ago, when analyzing customer satisfaction survey results, top box meant that when you asked your customer a question and they responded with a rating, they gave you the highest possible rating.  For example, if you used a scale of 1 to 5 in your customer satisfaction survey, it meant that to be top box you had to receive a rating of ‘5’.
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