Hybrid Surveys

Hybrid phone and web surveys provide the best of both worlds

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SERVICE 800 knows that you and your customers may prefer the personal touch of a phone call while others may prefer an invite to a web survey. Combining results from web surveys with other data collected creates higher analytical value. SERVICE 800 provides the option to combine collection methods to satisfy preferences and to achieve the responses you need to make the right business decisions.

Why leverage a hybrid phone and web survey?

Highest Response Rate

Combining web and phone survey methods you increase the chance of collecting your customer's feedback drastically.  Most start with a web survey and then we call non-respondents.

Give your customer options

If they prefer to provide feedback via web or over the phone, hybrid programs will give your customers both options.

Catch harder to reach people

With hybrid programs, customers who tend to be harder to reach are given multiple opportunities to provide feedback over time.

Strategic detailed targeting

Hybrid programs provide you the opportunity to set detailed targeting on different subsections of your customers or staff. Target all the way down to specific technicians.

Targeted Survey Campaigns

SERVICE 800 will help you build targeted survey campaigns that make sure you get the right sampling to make business decisions. We can target based on country and all the way down to the individual technician. Leverage our experience to build an actionable survey.


S800’s hybrid survey methodology works in two simple ways

You may want to set a goal and use both survey methods (web and phone) to reach your target or you may want to set specific goals to each survey methods and reach separate goals using the two methodologies. No matter how you want to approach your CX feedback process we will not stop until we deliver the promised outcome.  


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