Your Team at SERVICE 800

Focused on your service success

For 25 years, the SERVICE 800 team has been building expertise and has remained dedicated to helping you design or to improve your customer experience program. The entire SERVICE 800 organization is built around delivering the timely and accurate results you need.

Executive Leadership

SERVICE 800's leadership team has over 60 years combined experience in managing service operations and measuring customer experience. With backgrounds in IT, Software, and business services, the team is focused on keeping SERVICE 800 at the leading edge of customer success.

Business Development

Your SERVICE 800 Business Development partner will help you plan and deliver the best outcome of your customer experience program, meeting your organization's business objectives and your personal goals. The SERVICE 800 expert team can help you design survey scripts, provide insight and advice on your emerging program, direct you on methodologies, and set schedules to build success.

Relationship Manager(s)

Your Relationship Manager(s) is your first contact for all aspects of your customer experience program, and have direct contact with all SERVICE 800 resources associated with delivering your feedback and metrics every day. regular and direct contacts. They will help you define the parameters that accomplish your goals; implement and manage set-up, changes and training; respond to your questions about results or data collection; and help you meet your measurement objectives.

Implementation Team

Production Analysts are assigned to your program and will handle all aspects of the customer data and details you provide. As your program begins, your data file formats will be specified and your file transmission schedules and security rules will be agreed upon. SERVICE 800 analysts will assure that your data is correctly received, tested, selected and prepared so that each hour day or week, your data collection will begin on time.

Customer Representatives

Customer Representatives ( Interviewers ) work directly in the SERVICE 800 interfaces and perform the phone interviews required to meet your goals. They typically have been with SERVICE 800 more than 3 years, are directly supervised and monitored by SERVICE 800, and are constantly monitored for quality, professional results. Audio recordings are available so that their work is transparent to you.