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Customer Experience Metrics and KPI’s

Key performance indicators are measurable values that evaluates progress against specific strategic goal. Every business should have their KPI's clearly defined and responsibility should be shared by everyone in the company to measure the overall health of the organization.  Regardless of what industry you are in, customers are the lifeline of your ability to grow. It is important for businesses to implement a strategic feedback process to measure customer experiences. Wouldn’t it be great if we could use customer experience metrics and KPI's to recognize problem areas of a company? Here are a few examples of some of the more popular customer metrics. 
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Measuring your customer satisfaction shouldn’t be just a onetime occurrence, CX measurement process should be embedded to your company culture. When it comes to measuring customer experiences  there are many questions that you can ask from your customers. But is there any questions that we should be asking at all times? 
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Why should we Compare Employee engagement and Customer Satisfaction?

Collective understanding of your customers and your employees is pivotal to run a successful business. All CX measurement programs are built around measuring long term and short term customer satisfaction. Have you ever thought of comparing your employee survey results to customer satisfaction survey? (I’m not talking about employee reviews)
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Closing the Customer Feedback Loop

If you have been reading our previous blog posts, you should now be familiar with the main types of customer experience surveys, CX metrics and clever tactics to utilize when implementing a customer experience management program. Most companies see the value in implementing a customer feedback program to further understand their customer base. However, what’s lacking in most CX programs is the “Closing” actions of the customer feedback loop. Nothing is more frustrating to customers when they give out some of their precious time to give you feedback on your product or services and the feedback falls into what the customer views to be deaf ears.
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Q: When is 10 greater than 20? A: Customer Satisfaction Surveys!

Okay, Okay. I know that mathematically the title of this post doesn't make sense.  Yes 10 is always less than 20 when you're crunching numbers mathematically but there ARE times where the number 10 is greater than 20.  10 is always greater than 20 when you are talking about the number of questions in customer satisfaction surveys.
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