SERVICE 800 Phone Surveys

SERVICE 800 goes beyond surveying; we have conversations that draw actionable feedback.

Collecting customer opinion via a telephone interview continues to produce the most accurate customer feedback metrics. Other methods collect timely information, however, unhappy customers are highly motivated to respond and may create a bias of primarily negative responses. Phone interviews collect complaints, compliments and everything in between, providing more accurate metrics that represent the whole population of your customers.

Accurate measurements stem from careful sampling of the customer set, limiting fatigue from too many surveys, and conducting professional interviews that impress your customers.

SERVICE 800's methodology goes beyond just asking a question and collecting a rating. Our tenured interviewers (Customer Representatives) are trained on your specific program and conduct personable and professional dialogs that draw out valuable feedback. For consistency and reliability, all Customer Reprs are directly supervised by SERVICE 800 staff.

What added value do Phone Surveys provide?

SERVICE 800 Customer Representatives are well trained and long tenured, and offer the additional value of being able to probe and draw more out of the customer exchange. Phone Surveys generate higher response rates and produce higher accuracy than other methods.

Phone surveys also provide the ability to set focused targets on a geographic, department,

Are the calls recorded and available to review?

SERVICE 800 eVOICE provides audio recordings of your interviews. You can listen to their emotion and hear the tone before taking any follow-up action. The value is not necessarily only what your customers say, but also how your customers say it.

SERVICE 800 clients regularly listen to interview recordings. All Hot Sheet Alerts have a direct link to the recording of the conversation.

What sets SERVICE 800 interviewing apart?

SERVICE 800 Customer Representatives bring customer service experience, are extensively trained and supervised, and have an average tenure of almost 4 years.

The SERVICE 800 standard is to conduct conversations that probe and draw more insight than simple surveys. These professional and personable interviews impress customers and deliver the message that you are truly interested in their feedback.

Interviews are performed in over 30 native languages to ensure that your customers can communicate in their language.