Customer Satisfaction Phone Surveys with SERVICE 800 generate actionable feedback measurements


Valuable Insights through Conversations

Some of the benefits you'll realize by leveraging phone surveys are:

  • Higher response rates than other methods

  • A stronger cross section of your customer population

  • Recordings that can provide context to open ended questions

  • Target sampling to the technician/service provider level

  • A personal one-to-one conversation that draws out actionable feedback

  • Professional probing to clarify responses


What are the benefits of phone programs?

Higher Response Rates

SERVICE 800's average response rate is 60% with phone surveys.

Voice Recordings Standard

Hear what your customers say and how they say it before you take action.

Calls in over 30 native languages

SERVICE 800 can talk to your customer in their preferred language no matter where they are in the world with native language speaking reps.

Conversations not just Surveys

SERVICE 800's experienced reps will have a conversation with your customers and probe to get the information you need to take the right action.

Global Capability

SERVICE 800's phone surveys are built to efficiently measure customer feedback for global systems. We perform interviews in over 30 languages leveraging native language speaking representatives to ensure that your customers can communicate in their language with a native speaking representative.

Goal Oriented Insights

Set appropriate expectations and rely on SERVICE 800 to obtain accurate measurements of the goals you define. Phone surveys can also provide the ability to set focused targets on geographical locations and across departments.

Hear what your customers are actually saying and how they're saying it

Sometimes it’s not only what your customers say, but also how your customers say it. SERVICE 800's eVOICE recorded phone surveys provide full audio recordings of your interviews. You can listen to your customer's tone and emotion before taking any follow-up action.

SERVICE 800 clients regularly listen to interview recordings to add context. All Hot Sheet Alerts have a direct link to the recording of the conversation.

Tenured Customer Representatives

SERVICE 800's methodology goes beyond just asking a question and collecting a rating. Our tenured interviewers (Customer Representatives) are trained on your specific program and conduct personable and professional dialogs that draw out valuable feedback. For consistency and reliability, all Customer Reps are directly supervised by SERVICE 800 staff.

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