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Does experience affect customer satisfaction in products or services?


My daughter and I recently went on a wine tasting tour in California where we visited about a dozen different wineries over a few days.  If you’ve ever had the pleasure of participating in one of these tours you may have noticed after the third winery everything starts to blend together.  Having five different wines at four different wineries every day will do that.

As the trip came to an end, my daughter and I began to compare our favorite wines and wineries and started to notice an interesting pattern.  While it was fairly hard to discern the differences between some of the wineries, just a few of them stood out as our favorites.  As we began to discuss what it was about the few wineries that stood out, we kept coming back to the same thing, the customer service and experience.

At one of our favorite wineries we had a wonderful server who genuinely loved the job.  The server was very knowledgeable and shared specific stories on the history of the winery and a few facts about the grapes in the wines.  The server shared foods that the wine goes especially well with and even went as far as to share some personal recipes, making the experience one to remember.

Always having customer satisfaction and customer experience on the mind I began to wonder, was it really the wine that tasted better or was it the experience that made the wine more enjoyable?  Does customer experience directly influence the customer’s preference in products and services?

Think about your own customers and the experiences you provide them.  Are you making the customer experience so memorable that it tips scales in your favor?  Whether your competitor and your “grapes” taste the same before and after they are bottled, do your customers walk away more satisfied with your product?

How much is your customer satisfaction affected by their experience in working with you? Are you currently measuring customer satisfaction?


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Written by Iresha Herath

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