SERVICE 800's Salesforce Integration

Connecting your customer feedback results with your customer relationship history in

Secure & Automated transfer of customer contact information and results

Customer Satisfaction Survey Salesforce Integration

Integrate your SERVICE 800 Customer Feedback results with Salesforce 

Our goal was to create an automated application that would manage the heavy lifting of transferring customer information from your instance of to SERVICE 800 through a secure process.  This managed application takes minutes to setup and establish a secure connection with SERVICE 800's encrypted applications.Our application creates an embassy within your instance of Salesforce where only the reports saved in specialized folders and are scheduled to be transmitted are shared with SERVICE 800.  Additionally, you don't have to worry about the application getting in the way of your current workflows. The application holds all responses in a customized object that makes it easy to connect to existing processes.

Interested in a Demo?

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Three simple steps to get a survey program started

• Name your program
• Select your data source
• Schedule automated transmission

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Encrypted data transmission

Your data stays completely encrypted to and from your instance of Salesforce

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Fully Reportable Results

Make your Customer Feedback results actionable by leveraging the power of dashboards, reports and workflows.