SERVICE 800's Custom Alert processes makes your Customer Satisfaction Survey data actionable driving retention and revenue


Identifying Customer Issues & Wins in Time to React

You can lose a customer with one poor service experience and new opportunities can arise just as fast.

SERVICE 800's Hot Sheet Alerts notify you of urgent or time-sensitive situations so you can react promptly and effectively.

SERVICE 800 Hot Sheet Alerts may be customized to alert to what is most important to your. business. You can be quickly aware of customers that provide particular rating(s), mention a particular product or issue, mention a sales opportunity, or compliment your frontline employees.

Custom alerts drive action

SERVICE 800 will work with you to build custom alerts that will drive the action that you desire from your programs.

Hot Sheets

SERVICE 800's hot sheet process alert you to sensitive customer issues or complaints and are distributed immediately to the people who can make the biggest impact.

Service Excellence

Recognize those who are providing excellent service to your customers. Service Excellence notifications shine a light on your stars.

Rep Notifications

If at any time during our calls our Customer Reps feel there is something you need to be aware of, we trigger a Rep Notification to make sure you get eyes on it.

Sales opportunities

It is not uncommon during our calls that a customer may say they'd like to speak with someone to do more with you. Our Sales Opportunity alerts go to your sales staff to drive revenue.

Customized Alerts to fit your needs

SERVICE 800 helps to define the appropriate triggers to generate your Alerts based on your objectives. Perhaps you want to be notified when an NPS score less than 7 or an Overall Satisfaction score less than 3. Based on values included in your data supplied to SERVICE 800, Hot Sheet Alerts are emailed directly to the person most capable of taking action with the customer.

Get the information in the right hands

Our systems can automatically Hot Sheet your designated manager when a trigger presents itself. You will select who receives alerts during the setup process. Hot Sheet Alerts can go to a specified manager or to the entire company.

Alerts triggered from conversations

SERVICE 800 takes a step further and empowers our highly-trained interviewers to ask your customer if they'd like their situation to be alerted to a manager, and can also make their own, informed decision that a Hot Sheet should be sent.

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