Over 25 Years of Survey Experience

Surveying in over 30 languages around the world every day

Some of the world's largest companies rely on SERVICE 800's ability to get targeted feedback from their hardest to reach customers. For 25 years, SERVICE 800 has worked with many of the worlds largest Healthcare, IT, and Consumer Good companies, many of which have been customers for more than 10 continuous years.

World Wide Coverage

SERVICE 800 surveys in over 30 languages around the world every day. Our customer represenatatives are indvidually trained and continuously monitored for excellence.  You can be sure that your customers will always be surveyed professionally in their preferred language.

Translation services by native language speakers are available to ensure that your survey and your feedback is accurate and clear.

Survey Creation

Whether you are looking for guidance on an already existing survey or helping to build a survey from scratch, SERVICE 800 is here to help. By leveraging a closed-loop model and our experience in what makes a good survey, you can be sure that the feedback you get from customers will be genuine and actionable.

SERVICE 800's customer representatives conduct your surveys with your business goals in mind.  If something isn't working with your survey script, our experienced representatives will provide feedback on how to improve it.


SERVICE 800 industry benchmark programs measure the performance of your products or services against best-in-class industry peers. Unlike other benchmark programs, SERVICE 800 programs have been developed in cooperation with industry organizations that define benchmark standards, sampling requirements, scales and survey questions.

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