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Why should we Compare Employee engagement and Customer Satisfaction?

Collective understanding of your customers and your employees is pivotal to run a successful business. All CX measurement programs are built around measuring long term and short term customer satisfaction. Have you ever thought of comparing your employee survey results to customer satisfaction survey? (I’m not talking about employee reviews)

Gallup data 2

Unengaged employees can directly impact your customer satisfaction. Your front-line customer service employees are usually the first and many times only, point of contact of your customer.  

“A recent Gallup survey found that 63% of the global workforce is not engaged.” That adds up to waste in the range of half a trillion dollars globally.” ( 2014 HBS)

Do you think your employees might fall in to this 63%? 

Viewing your business from your customer perspective is critical to make the right decisions. It is also important to view your business through employee perspective. You might be surprised how different the two can be.

We can’t read minds. But as employers there’s one thing that we can do, we can ask the right questions from our employees and customers, analyze the results and implement actions accordingly. Pretty simple, right?

You might already be measuring transactional and relationship customer feedback. May be its time to add provider insight surveys to see how your employees feel about their interactions with your customers.  Creating a parallel set of questions directed to your employees and comparing the results simultaneously will give your company the opportunity to dig deeper into both customer and employee issues.

If this sounds a little complicated to you SERVICE 800 can help you create, design and strategize both of your surveys.

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Written by Iresha Herath

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