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Why are CX Scores Declining

Many businesses have seen their CX scores decrease in 2022 after rebounding from the declines seen during the pandemic. What is causing this decrease and more importantly what can you do to reverse this trend?
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How to Collect the Right Customer Feedback

Today, companies have a vast array of customer feedback collection methods to choose from; and for good reason – they provide different value, under different conditions. So, understanding the different kinds of feedback you need to drive increased value to your customers will help you select the right portfolio of tools to capture the variety of customer insights that you need. Have you ever observed the interactions of your call center agents for a day, or rode along with a member of your sales team? You quickly realize just how much variety exists within your customer touch-points and it won’t take you long to realize that not all this feedback has the same value to your business. So, why do most companies rely on just one or two methods of collecting feedback from their customers?
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Social media might NOT improve your customer satisfaction

Over the last few years I have enjoyed following the explosion of social media strategy into the business environment. If you take a minute to look at your own professional network, I'd venture to guess that for most of you, over half of your network have some involvement in social media. Many companies see social media as a new channel to bolster marketing efforts and even a way to help with improving customer service.
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