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4 ways to drive action from your customer experience measurement

I’ve collected my customer experience data but what’s next? This is a burning question that most companies encounter. After stating a CX program, gathering customer feedback data is only the beginning of the process. The real work starts when trying to figure out how to use this valuable data. Here are some tips on how to leverage data for business value,

Data categorization (demographics, Locations etc.)

Customer feedback data should be categorized depending on the company needs.  If you have a customer journey map with several touchpoints in place it makes it easy to categorize your customer feedback.

                                       Ex. order processing, delivery, sales

Strengths and weaknesses

After the data categorization, you need to look at strengths and weaknesses of the above categorized data. You could recognize which functions of the process you’re measuring performing better than the other functions.

Recognize patterns

If you have a statistically valid sample data size make use of it. Try and recognize patterns that keeps happening throughout your customer’s experience journey. If you see multiple occurrences on the same behavior acknowledge that and take steps accordingly.

                                        Ex: Drops after order process and shipping

Be transparent

If you’re seen a recurring CX issue or even when you see the customers are happy with a specific service make sure to share it with your colleagues. Share it with all the employees who were involved to congratulate them or to come with a plan to fix the situation if the customer is unhappy. You should also be sure to share your findings & short-term goals with your respondents.

                                        Ex. Help desk did a great job but the hold time was too long.


When leveraged correctly, customer experience feedback programs should help recognize your changing customer expectations. While looking at your categorized data is important, make sure to look at the end to end customer journey as well. Because sometimes it is not the individual transaction that’s drawing your customer away but the disconnection between your customer expectation and a consistent delivery of service.  


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Written by Iresha Herath

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