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VoC in Medical Device Industry

Top Medical Device companies have one thing in common: they focus on providing excellent service while constantly measuring customer satisfaction with their products.

Your company might have the best medical devices but if you’re providing poor service chances are your customers will choose your competitor over you. Successful medical device companies concentrate heavily on customer satisfaction throughout the customer lifecycle, whether its after a purchase, delivery or even at a break and fix event. Measuring customer experiences should be at the top of your priority list.

SERVICE 800 has been advising medical device companies with their efforts to measure customer experience for decades. We have seen a strong correlation between excellent service delivery and increases in profitability.

Medical device companies usually rely heavily on service, which means frontline employees have crucial responsibilities. It’s not merely fixing a broken device, or delivering a product, employees should be dedicated to go above and beyond to  DELIGHT your customers. Specific training should be in place to train employees to be customer focused. 

Improving something that you don’t measure can be very challenging, that’s where customer experience surveys comes in place. It is a common practice to contact customers as a courtesy to follow up on the service they received, measuring the frontline employee’s performance.

At SERVICE 800 we have designed programs to measure our medical industry client’s break and fix events, purchasing experiences,  delivery and employee performance to understand customer perception of the services they received. Industry leaders utilize this method to improve product quality, service quality or even to develop new devices. We also provide a Benchmark to our medical device clients so that they can see where they compared to their competition.  Our industry benchmark programs measure the performance of your products or services against best-in-class industry peers.

SERVICE 800 has seen that the most meaningful differentiation for medical device companies is service. Customer satisfaction comes from delivering quality products and quality service. Excellent customer satisfaction can only be achieved by implementing a strategic feedback systems to measure CX and by driving actions and decisions according to customer provided feedback. 

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Written by Iresha Herath

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