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Q: When is 10 greater than 20? A: Customer Satisfaction Surveys!

Okay, Okay. I know that mathematically the title of this post doesn't make sense.  Yes 10 is always less than 20 when you're crunching numbers mathematically but there ARE times where the number 10 is greater than 20.  10 is always greater than 20 when you are talking about the number of questions in customer satisfaction surveys.
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4 ways to drive action from your customer experience measurement

I’ve collected my customer experience data but what’s next? This is a burning question that most companies encounter. After stating a CX program, gathering customer feedback data is only the beginning of the process. The real work starts when trying to figure out how to use this valuable data. Here are some tips on how to leverage data for business value,
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Differences between transactional and relationship surveys

We live in a fast pace, highly competitive digital age where consumers have the freedom to choose products and services from anywhere, anytime. Therefore, it is pivotal for businesses to understand their customer base and recognize their changing needs. How can we find out what our customers like and dislike about us?  We need to ACTIVELY LISTEN to them!
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What ratings aren't telling you in customer satisfaction surveys

Why are people concerned with what rating scale to use for customer satisfaction surveys and customer loyalty measurement? Sometimes I think we spend too much time on some decisions and not enough time on others.
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Restaurants + Twitter = Customer satisfaction measurement ?

More and more restaurants are adopting Twitter to engage with customers for a new source of customer satisfaction measurement.  By utilizing Twitter restaurants can offer special deals to their followers and also counteract poor experiences with almost immediate responses.  We're not talking only mom and pop restaurants here but large chains like Chipotle too. As another industry jumps on board the Twitter bandwagon, are you questioning if you should be on Twitter to help with improving customer service?
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