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Service Excellence Success Story

Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision improves engagement with customers through Hot Sheet & Service Excellence Alerts
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Customer Satisfaction Survey Tips - Field Service Metrics

Balancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency can be a challenging undertaking for most companies. We all know designing a top notch customer experience can come at the expense of operational efficiency. Some companies add touch points or extra steps to close out a service event, others might leave fresh baked cookies behind to provide that unique touch. In highly competitive service environments, it can be challenging to determine if the service you are providing is having the desired affect.
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Why do many customer experience programs fail?

Most customer experience measurement programs start with a well thought out strategy. Unfortunately, we see over time without regular review of outcomes combined with heavy concentration on just the metrics, programs can become disconnected from their original strategy. Losing sight of the of the big picture can cause your program to fail. Over the last 30 years, we've seen some common oversights that lead to customer experience measurement program failure.
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Importance of Customizing CX Surveys

I recently had a disappointing service experience with an international money transferring service . A week after transferring money I received a web survey to provide feedback about my experience. Though I was eager to provide my feedback, the survey questions got me frustrated. The questions were long and weren't focused on my experience.
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VoC in Medical Device Industry

Top Medical Device companies have one thing in common: they focus on providing excellent service while constantly measuring customer satisfaction with their products.
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