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Service Excellence Success Story

Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision improves engagement with customers through Hot Sheet & Service Excellence Alerts


Collecting customer feedback is central to understanding the customer, but turning that feedback into action is essential to growing revenues.  Thiswas the situation at Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision (formally Abbott Medical Optics).  J&J Surgical Vision had been collecting customer feedback for some time but using it primarily as a metric.  While metrics like NPS and CSAT were important to the business, they wanted to do more with the feedback to improve the organization.   Stewardship for the customer satisfaction program had changed hands several times in a few years and the program had become stale.  As maintenance expenses grew and support waned, the team recognized that they would need to go beyond the metrics to realize true growth.


Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision considered several different companies to help with the initiative, but found SERVICE 800 to be the strongest partner in providing best in class actionable data and support. Together, SERVICE 800 and J&J Surgical Vision collaborated to design a cost-effective program delivering the actionable data and processes J&J was seeking. 

A phone interview method was selected so the J&J Surgical Vision team could listen to the customer verbatim responses and immediately take action with the customers if necessary.  Two SERVICE 800 processes were used:

  1. Hot Sheet alerts to highlight critical customer situations that need immediate action
  2. Service Excellence alerts so positive feedback could be shared with the customer service team

The combination of Hot Sheets & Service Excellence alerts has greatly improved how the J&J Surgical Vision teams engage with customers.  After adding the Hot Sheet and Service Excellence process, Johnson Vision Care’s service scores increased and remained elevated even during customer issues.  The process of addressing the customer needs quickly and highlighting positive behaviors with the service team has improved the overall service experience.


Ton Luu, Manager of Service Business Development at J&J Surgical Vision, credits the “Best Practices” he captured and implemented from the Customer Experience Conference SERVICE 800 holds for its clients each year, as well as the ongoing weekly meetings with the SERVICE 800 team to further refine the program.  The most recent implemented best practice is the “Customer Effort Score”, which allowed the J&J Surgical Team to better understand and address customer pain points. 

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Written by Iresha Herath

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