25 years of survey experience

As customer expectations continue to change every day, understanding your customers' needs has never been more critical. Careful measurement can reveal connections between your delivery and customer behaviors.

Building an effective and actionable customer experience measurement program is no easy task. It requires thoughtful planning, strategic selection of your survey method, and consistency to ensure your results accurately represent all of your customers.

For some, the process of building a survey program can often time be overwhelming and many do not know where to start. How many questions do you ask? What survey method would be most effective reaching your customers? How do you avoid survey fatigue or reaching out too many times?

For others, the challenge comes from building a culture around their measurements or improving the scores they receive. Pay for Performance programs that produce the behaviors you desire rely on consistent and accurate measurements in order to be effective. On the other hand, the experiences you thought meant most to your customers might not be.

Over the last 25 years, SERVICE 800 has built the experience you need to ensure that your customer experience measurement program is best in class. Whether you are looking for more insight on how you rank against your competitors or need a partner to help guide you to actionable customer feedback, SERVICE 800 is here to help.

Identify where you stand

Getting a baseline on where you stand with customers can be challenging.

For 25 years, SERVICE 800 has designed and conducted surveys that produce fast, unbiased and high quality feedback that your business needs to improve and adapt.  Let SERVICE 800 recommend best practice survey programs for you, or evaluate and suggest how to improve your existing survey.

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Measure Individuals or Partners

Effective Pay for Performance (PFP) Programs require accurate measure.

Pay For Performance (PFP) programs produce the behaviors and the outcome you need. Set appropriate expectations and rely on SERVICE 800 to obtain accurate measurements of the goals you define.

Recognize and reward your front line employees that impress their customers.

Commit a higher payment to partners and contractors that exceed expectations.

Prove your own quality and collect the benefits of SLAs set upon you.


Increase Key Metric Scores

Taking it beyond "just a number"

Simply monitoring your company's Net Promoter Score (NPS) or Customer Effort Score (CES) doesn't improve customer satisfaction. SERVICE 800 helps make the scores you receive more actionable and guides you to leverage the findings to improve your services and in turn increase revenue.

Map The Customer Journey

What really matters may not be obvious.

Many times SERVICE 800 clients start their program with an idea of what matters most to their customers only to find out that another aspect to the Customer Journey is more important. Leveraging ongoing customer experience programs shed light on changing customer needs and expectations.