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4 ways to drive action from your customer experience measurement

I’ve collected my customer experience data but what’s next? This is a burning question that most companies encounter. After stating a CX program, gathering customer feedback data is only the beginning of the process. The real work starts when trying to figure out how to use this valuable data. Here are some tips on how to leverage data for business value,
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4 ways to pull yourself out of the customer loyalty hole you've dug!

Can you believe that the Holidays are already here? We've already survived the chaos that is Black Friday and while some of us are smiling following another successful customer stampede, others are left guessing what went wrong. Are the Holidays making your balance sheets smile or are you trying to figure out where you went wrong?
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Your Benchmarking Scores: "The Chocolate Chip Phenomenon"

To efficiently compare your company's performance against others’ (benchmarking) you need to decide against whom should you be compared. Following is what is known as “The Chocolate Chip Phenomenon” often described by Jean Mork Bredeson, President, SERVICE 800.
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