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Grundfos - Taking Customer Care to New Levels

“There was another company we were considering, but during the vendor review process it became clear that S800 had an optimal balance of price, user friendliness, features like reporting/dashboard, and of course, customer service!.”   CSC Director - Grundfos North America



There are plenty of new technologies and clever concepts that could help organizations offer better service to consumers. But few companies understand that amid all this rapid change, the fundamentals of great service remain the same.  Grundfos not only recognizes theses key fundamentals, but also is committed to ongoing improvement in customer support and services to ensure optimized interaction with each customer.

Grundfos set out to increase their customer support team’s focus on customer care and wanted the customer support team to have metrics/key performance indicators they could measure progress on.  They wanted to get a clear picture and regular feedback on how the Customer Support Center is performing.  Grundfos also wanted to use the feedback as a way to help develop strategies to attract new customers in expanded markets.  In addition, they wanted reporting data to see how they were doing from region to region and how they compare to their competitors. 


Grundfos looked at several different companies, but trusted S800’s experience and abilities in both customer data collection and capturing that data in the pump industry.

Working with SERVICE 800, Grundfos decided to go with phone interviews vs. web as more data can be collected and customer feedback clarified.   They also chose to go with “Hot Sheet” alerts from SERVICE 800 as immediate action could be taken to acknowledge and thank a customer or address a customer challenge.


Grundfos was successful in setting up data reports that include customer metrics and the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure ongoing performance to validate their customer service initiatives with regard to what they should start doing, stop doing, and continue doing.

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Written by Aaron Smith

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