SERVICE 800 Hot Sheet Alerts

Identifying customer issues and wins in time to react

You can lose a customer with one poor service experience and new opportunities can arise just as fast. SERVICE 800's Hot Sheet Alerts notify you of urgent or time-sensitive situations so you can react promptly and effectively. Your quick follow-up will impress customers and increase their commitment to you.

SERVICE 800 Hot Sheet Alerts may be customized to your sensitivities. You can be quickly aware of customers that provide particular rating(s), mention a particular product or issue, mention a sales opportunity, or compliment your technicians. Insights from Hot Sheet Alerts can save current accounts or find new business, and help you drive the behaviors you desire. Your Hot Sheet Alerts can be directed to the individual manager that can react most effectively.

Hot Sheet Alerts provide more than notifications of customer issues. Many of our clients use Hot Sheet Alerts to identify customers that are delighted with their experience. This opens the door to celebrate wins and identify customers that may have potential for growth or retention.

How do Hot Sheet Alerts work?

Customized to fit your needs

SERVICE 800 helps to define the appropriate triggers to generate your Alerts based on your objectives. Perhaps you want to be notified when an NPS score less than 7 or an Overall Satisfaction score less than 3. Based on values included in your data supplied to SERVICE 800, Hot Sheet Alerts are emailed directly to the person most capable of taking action with the customer.

Who receives Hot Sheet Alerts?

Get the information in the right hands

SERVICE 800 systems can automatically Hot Sheet your designated manager when a trigger presents itself. You will select who receives alerts during the setup process. Hot Sheet Alerts can go to a specified manager or to the entire company.

How are Hot Sheet Alerts triggered?

During your setup process with SERVICE 800, you'll select triggers for Hot Sheet Alerts. Many SERVICE 800 clients opt for alerts of low scores which identify potential customer issues, or of high ratings that identify happy customers.

SERVICE 800 takes it one step further and empowers our highly trained interviewers to ask your customer if they'd like their situation to be alerted to a manager, and can also make their own, informed decision that a Hot Sheet should be sent.

How do Hot Sheet Alerts help me?

Quickly respond when it counts.

Quickly responding to a customer issue helps strengthen loyalty. Using alerts to distribute positive feedback provided a customer to the manager or technician that provided the service reinforces and recognizes great customer service.

How do I keep track of Hot Sheet Alerts?

Hot Sheet Alert Tracking ensures action is taken

Your managers should react to Hot Sheet Alerts with the degree of urgency you require by providing reminders and escalations on missed alerts based how much time has past since the alert was originally sent

Users can even log the results of the Hot Sheet resolution and preserve the findings or solution. This process creates an environment of attentiveness and urgency, which helps you make a difference with customers and their priorities.