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Mitsubishi Electric - Service Quality Success

“We are now satisfying the customer at new levels, saving time and effort for our customers and creating more focus for the sales reps and customer service teams,”   Service Manager for Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.



Many large organizations rely on customer information coming in from field reps to make adjustments to their customer interactions.  While the information may be accurate at some levels there are often subjective opinions that cloud what is truly happening at the customer level. We always hear about the problems and learn from them, however, it is important to hear of the successes as well. The ratio of problems to successes provides a clearer picture of customers overall.

Mitsubishi knew that if clarity could be reached around the customer perspectives, the Company could better improve its customer products and services.  As the Mitsubishi’s CEO stated often “We may be exceeding some customer expectations but we want to meet their expectations over and over again!”  Bottom line – Mitsubishi needed to do something to improve our understanding its customers’ experiences and learn to do a better job communicating.


Mitsubishi selected Service 800 for its proven track record of providing quality interviews and the ease of getting up and running with minimal disruption to Mitsubishi’s workday.  Mitsubishi chose to sample 100% of their customers every month with a transactional survey showing overall satisfaction, professionalism, knowledge, communication and response time.  Mitsubishi also chose to leverage Service 800’s Hot Sheet Reports and e-voice so that immediate action could be taken to improve the customer experience.


Since the implementation of Service 800 into Mitsubishi’s customer satisfaction initiative CONTRACT RENEWALS ARE NOW AT 92% WITH MITSUBISHI CUSTOMERS!   Mitsubishi is now satisfying the customer at new levels, saving time and effort for their customers and creating more focus for their sales reps and customer service teams.

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Written by Elissa Johnson

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