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Whats your definition of a 'brief' customer feedback survey?


Over the last few weeks I've gotten a number of customer satisfaction surveys from well known companies requesting my feedback on any number of things.  Most the time it is an email with a quick formal message requesting that I fill out a "brief" survey, which most times I'm more than happy to oblige.  However, I have noticed that either the definition of "brief" must have changed recently or a "normal" survey for some of these companies must take a hour.

As you've read in previous blogs that we have posted, we 

preach that companies should limit their surveys to around 10 questions.  Keeping it short and sweet not only reduces fatigue from those willing to provide customer feedback but also makes it less of a pill to swallow when you come back in a few months with other questions.

My definition of a "brief" customer satisfaction measurement survey is very different from those companies that are asking upwards of 40+ questions in a single sitting. However, I may just be sensitive to these kinds of things.

So my question to you is: In your opinion, what is a short survey? Also, at what point do you decide that a survey is not worth your time?


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Written by Iresha Herath

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