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The customer satisfaction feedback data dam is leaking!

Can you imagine walking in front of a dam that holds back a river, and seeing a tiny trickle of water running from a crack in the structure?  What would you do?  Maybe you'd tell someone.  Maybe you wouldn't since it's only a tiny trickle.  Most people would just keep on walking because it didn't seem that important.

That's the way it is with customer satisfaction data. When customer satisfaction feedback and ratings come in a trickle, it's easy to keep on walking and forget you saw it.  To some, one little "drop" of information might not matter until it turns into a full flow and the whole structure is at risk.

But that trickle of information is coming from a deep pool of information, held back by the dam, that many people never think about.  Customers have an ocean of thoughts, ideas, concerns and needs.  Unless someone takes the initiative to consider the trickle, guide it and other trickles into a channel where they can be considered, prioritized and acted upon.

For example, customers that feedback:
  •  "I wish there was a way to ..." could be a huge sales opportunity. 
  • "It wasn't a big deal but I didn't like that ...'" could be a chance to make a small improvement that makes a big impression. 
  • "He's a great guy and we love his work" could cue some recognition to keep a strong technician from considering another job.
  • "I can't get along without these" could be a chance to sell more or increase a service level.


What's important is to not overlook the trickle, and use the dam data...

SERVICE 800 can start a customer satisfaction measurement program for you in days, so you can start simply and evolve your measurements over time. Why wait? Can you afford not to know?


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Written by Iresha Herath

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