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Don't forget these customer satisfaction survey program tips


We monitor and track specific keywords each month to gain insight from trends and sentiment.  Over the last few months we have seen an increase in negative sentiment associated with customer satisfaction surveys.  This trend has revealed how important the design of customer feedback tools is.


Everything from length of the survey, how long it takes to complete, properly managing survey takers expectations, to how many times to request a response, absolutely need to be accounted for. Here are a few can't miss customer feedback survey design tips.

 Four Rules for Collecting Customer Feedback (skipping even one rule can impact capturing your customer feedback)

  1. When completing surveys internationally make sure timing is reasonable. Consumers are appalled that they are being called at the wee hours of the morning or late at night.  If your business is international, please make sure that your call isn't the first thing your client hears in the morning.  Needless to say a customer isn't going to be very happy when you ask them to complete a customer satisfaction survey no matter how brief it is.
  2. Make sure to manage your customer's expectations. Don't make a "brief satisfaction survey" a 20-30-minute conversation.  If you have a longer survey, tell the customer up front that it may take a while to complete and offer them what we call "one quick question".  Pro Tip: Set up your survey anticipating that if your customer doesn't have time to answer all your questions, they can answer a single summary question and you let them go.
  3. Keep your survey short and sweet.  If you've been reading our other blog posts you've heard this comment before.  A longer survey doesn't mean it’s a higher quality survey.  You can easily yield the same amount of actionable information from 10 well-constructed questions than from 40 questions.  Give your customers a break and set yourself apart from other surveys.
  4. Don't annoy your client.  Remember that your clients are helping you.  If they can't complete the survey the first time don't keep calling them. Try no more than three times with a single customer. If they are annoyed that you are calling AGAIN they aren't going to help you. Pro Tip: Limit customer satisfaction call backs to 2 or 3 attempts and move on.

It may all sound like common sense items that you would never overlook.  However, you'd be surprised how often these are overlooked when some companies try and do this themselves.

At the end of the day, you can either make sure that you cover ALL of your bases OR you can enlist the help of a professional and experienced company that specializes in creating efficient well-constructed surveys. The choice is yours but at the very least make sure you utilize the tips above.

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Written by Iresha Herath

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