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Turning customer satisfaction data in to profits, Part 1: Reliable Measurements


SERVICE 800’s president Jean Mork Brederson was invited speak to the CX community about “Turning customer satisfaction data in to profits”. This podcast was sponsored by CompTIA’s Technology Lifecycle Services Community. 

For 30 years, Jean and SERVICE 800 has helped technology service companies design, implement, maintain and analyze customer experience management programs. SERVICE 800 has played a significant role in proposing, designing, developing and growing special industry service quality benchmarks since 1993.

Part 1 of the discussion overviews the fundamentals of Customer Experience Measurement Programs and Reliable Mesurements. 

  • Why is it necessary to measure customer satisfaction?
  • Is there a specific number of customer feedback that we are looking for?
  • When should we to ask customers for feedback?
  • How expensive is it to analyze the collected data? 

“It is important that you don’t survey your customers. The more you make your request for feedback personal, like a conversation the more feedback that you’re going to get” - JMB

 Please enjoy this podcast and comment with your thoughts. Stay tuned for the next podcast.


Written by Iresha Herath

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